Dimanche 15 Juin 2008


- Claudine Raynaud (conference organiser, Université François-Rabelais, de Tours, France)

- Anne Fogarty (incoming President, International James Joyce Foundation)






Autour de la nouvelle traduction de Ulysses : table ronde

- Chair: Jacques Aubert (Université de Lyon II, France)

- Tiphaine Samoyault (Université Paris VIII, France)

- Pascal Bataillard (Université de Lyon II, France)

- Bernard Hoeppfner (Independent translator, France)

- Patrick Drevet (Writer, France)





Joyce avec Lacan

- Chair: Jacques Aubert (Université de Lyon II, France)

- Geneviève Morel (France): Les prolongements du symptôme : John père de James père de Lucia

- Franz Kaltenbeck(France) : Cauchemar, lettre, humour

- Annie Tardits: 1921-1933 : Premières rencontres de Lacan avec Joyce

Lundi 16 Juin 2008

The Many Turns of Joycean Scholarship

- Chair: Michael Groden (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

- William S. Brockman (Pennsylvania State University, USA) : The James Joyce Database

- Terence Killeen (The James Joyce Centre, Ireland) : The Enchanted Hunters: The Origins of Ulysses

- Michael Groden (University of Western Ontario, Canada): Adventures with Ulysses: An Excerpt from a Memoir

Plenary Panel: Joyce and the Renaissance

- Chair: François Laroque (Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III, France)

- Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin, Ireland) : "Reinventing Hamlet?: Scylla and Charybdis' and the Politics of the Irish Literary Revival

- Marie-Dominique Garnier (Université Paris VIII): The phoenix, his pyre': On Burning and Being Born, or Joyce and Shakes/pyre

- Jonathan Pollock (Université de Perpignan, France) : Textual Atomism in FinnegansWake

- François Laroque (Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III, France) : As Great Shapesphere puns it': The Name Game in Shakespeare and Joyce

Mardi 17 Juin 2008

Plenary Panel: Where did thots come from? :

Joyce's Library and Genetic Breakthroughs

- Chair: Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

- Jed Deppman (Oberlin College, USA): Gray, Meticulous, and Documentary: Lexicographical Strategies in the Finnegans Wake Notebooks

- Scarlett Baron (Christ Church, Oxford, UK) : G.F. can rest having made me': Flaubert's Role in the Making of the Joycean OEuvre
- Geert Lernout (University of Antwerp, Belgium): Tales Told of Cain and Abel: Joyce's Use of Bible Commentaries

Mercredi 18 Juin 2008

Teaching Joyce

 - Chair: Kimberly J. Devlin (University of California, Riverside)

- Morris Beja (The Ohio State University, USA) : World Enough and Time: Teaching JamesJoyce Internationally
- Vincent J. Cheng (University of Utah, USA): is presenting the paper of Margot Norris (University of California, Irvine, USA): Confessions of a Joyce Professor: Fantasies of Teaching Ulysses
- Kimberly J. Devlinx (University of California, Irvine, USA): Teaching FinnegansWake: The Titles of the Mamafesta as Pedagogical Entrance
- Ellen Carol Jones (USA) : discussion moderator

Joycean Collective Memories: Roundtable
- Chairs: Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli (University of Bologna, Italy) and JolantaWawrzycka (Radford University, USA)
- M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera (University of Vigo, Spain)
- John McCourt (University of Rome III, Italy)
- Christine O'Neill (Arts Council of Ireland)
- Fritz Senn (Zürich James Joyce Foundation, Switzerland)

Plenary Lecture: Ulysses: something with hoses in it
- Leo Bersani (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
- Introduced by André Topia (Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III, France)

Untimely Joyce
- Chair: Paul K. Saint-Amour (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
- Marian Eide (Texas A&M University, USA): Bad Timing: Jokes, Riddles, & Parables"
- R. Brandon Kershner (University of Florida, USA): "Temporalities of Ulysses
-Vicki Mahaffey (University of York, UK): Presence of Mind: Joyce and the Sensuality of Awareness
- Paul K. Saint-Amour (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before':On Joycean Prophecy

Jeudi 19 juin 2008

Spatial Joyce
Chair: Valérie Bénéjam (Université de Nantes, France)
- Luke Gibbons (University of Notre Dame, USA): All Over the Place: James Joyce and the Inner Speech of the City
- Liam Lanigan (University College Dublin, Ireland): Gabriel's Re-Mapping of Dublin: The Fabricated Cityscape of The Dead'
- David Spurr (University of Geneva, Switzerland): Joyce the Post
- Laurent Milesi (Cardiff University, UK): The Habitus of Languages in Finnegans Wake

Stratford-upon-Liffey: The Shakespearean Joyce
- Chair: Vike Martina Plock (Cardiff University, UK)
- Sam Slote (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland): Loving theAlien: Egoism, Empathy,Alterity,and ShakespeareBloomin Stephen'sÆsthetics
- Matthew Creasy (University of Glasgow, UK): Hamlet Among the Celts': Joyce,Shakespeare, and Irish Ireland
-Vike Martina Plock (CardiffUniversity,UK): Knock Knock. War's where!' :History, Macbeth, and FinnegansWake

Vendredi 20 Juin 2008

- Chair: Marie-Dominique Garnier (Université Paris VIII, France)
- Ginette Michaud (Université de Montréal, Canada): Between ciXous & joYce: A Most PlumitiveAffair
- Daniel Ferrer (ITEM, CNRS/ENS, France): Dis-articulation
- Laurent Milesi (Cardiff University, UK): Freincipe de plaisir/Pleasure Reinciple
- Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvania, USA): WhatWas Joyce's First Name? Address in Hélène Cixous's Different Psycho-Biography

Plenary Lecture: Re-Tours: Let us return to our starting point
- Hélène Cixous (Université Paris VIII, France)
- Introduced by Daniel Ferrer (ITEM, CNRS/ENS, France)
- Laurent Milesi (Cardiff University, UK)
- Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvania, USA)